First Generation

With the blessings and supervision of Mahender Pal Garg (founder of this group) We were able to achieve all the milestone. He taught to work with complete integrity and righeousness. One can sence Indian culture in our garments, it's all because of his vision and moral lessons.

Second Generation

With the blessings and learning of first genration the second generation, entered the industry in 1988 with an aim to dress Indian men with the finest elegance. They started with the business of fabric and garments in Gurgaon, Haryana. Their passion coupled with creative thinking and hard work lead to the creation of men's wear brand for today's aspirational men. Their vision and work also created business values and ethics that are Royalwood's holy grail today.
Gargs Incubated the first manufacturing unit in Delhi in 2004. Far-sighted by the opportunities in the city, they started working on the men's shirt brand "Vabe" to reach a wide customer base.
Soon after the launch, the brand and its design received rave reviews both from the sellers and ccustomers, cementing the second generation's belief to come up with its second brand "Fero" in 2009. An innovator in comfortable lifestyle clothing, fer produces trousers, jeans and formals.

Third Generation and Royalwood

The success of both the brands later made Gargs, the thirs generation enter the kid's garments segment, in 2014, with its brand "Toxxy".

Inspired by legacy of previous generations, They launched "Royalwood" in 2016.

Great design sensibilities, unfield vision and exception imagining skills have today helped the brand reach pan-India.

The brand uses fine quality fabrics and extends customized designs to serve customers who are ravenous for comfort. With the robust presence in more then 1500 retailers, Wholesalers and distributors, the brand work with designers who create nothing but the best for Royalwood's aficionados.

The Authentic Wear

One of the leading brands in India's men's Fashion Industry, Royalwood has been carving a niche for itself since the last three decades. The company's long standing reputation and a distinctive image is developed on the back of first generation's mammoth experience and young blood's unwavering contribution.

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