The Brand

One of the leading brands in India's men's Fashion Industry, Royalwood has been carving a niche for itself since the last three decades. The company's long standing reputation and a distinctive image is developed on the back of first generation's mammoth experience and young blood's unwavering contribution.

Why Royalwood?

The brand's timeless & classic fashion statement, natural designs, breadth of product offering, and robust multichannel distribution make them the most revered and idiosyncratic apparel companies in India. Known for its firm footing in the ethnic wear segment, Royalwood also offers a vast range of designs in casual blazers, traditional sherwani, indo westerns, coat suits, waist coats, western kurta-pajama.

Royalwood today has a considerable influence on the way people dress and consider fashion in india. The company's mission is to make men's wear affordable to India's common people.It is striving to surround entire India with the brand's rich culture by making Royalwood synonym to the men's ethnic wear.

India's rich culture and ethnicity is refledted in the compnay's ethenic wear range, and brand wants to make it ubiquitous by reaching every nook and cranny.

Covering The Pan-India

Great design sensibilities, unified vision and exception imagining skills have today helped the branch reach pan-India in no time. The brand uses fine quality fabric and extends customized designs to serve customers who are ravenous for comfort. With the robust presence in more than 1500 retailers, wholesalers and distributors, the brand work with designers who create nothing but the best for Royalwood's aficionados.